Welcome to my world.

I am Sarah Hibbert, and I aspire to live creatively and live to lift those around me.

One of my favorite quotes reads:

“But unless we are creators we are not fully alive. What do I mean by creators? Not only artists, whose acts of creation are the obvious ones of working with paint of clay or words. Creativity is a way of living life, no matter our vocation or how we earn our living. Creativity is not limited to the arts, or having some kind of important career.”
~Madeleine L’Engel, Walking on Water~

I look up to people that live life creatively. They, rest assured, are the ones that find the incentive to DO things. These are the people that actually accomplish goals and change their world for the better. These people are happy. I believe they all share one simple characteristic: creativity.

My good friend, Lauren Holmstead, was noted for her mantra all through high school: “Make it happen.”

 “Ugh, I need to loose weight.”

“Make it happen.”

“I wish I could play the piano like that.”

“Make it happen.”

“I want to drive that car someday.”

“Make it happen.”

It seems silly, but in retrospect, there was so much meaning in that seemingly insignificant three-word phrase. How am I going to live the life I want to live, accomplish the goals I want to accomplish, and influence the lives I want to influence? How will I make it happen?

This is where creativity is vital.

And courage. An insane amount of courage.

This blog is a snapshot of my courage and creativity.

Here you will find a spectrum of my work from my writing, to visual design, and everything in-between. As a Communications major at Brigham Young University-Idaho I have some of my projects showcased on this blog that have helped me grow and develop my professional skills with programs like Adobe Creative Suite. As I continue learning and making connections, I hope to bring fresh and professional content to the table.

I am going to make it happen.


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